Vacuum Cloth Soot Bag

Vacuum Cloth Soot Bag


This Cloth Soot Bag is made from 100% calico drill cotton and is designed to protect the vacuum pre filter. If a disposable bag bursts inside the drum, the soot will not go onto the pre filter, instead it will go onto the bottom of the soot bag.


The soot bag can also be washed in a washing machine.

Vacuum Cloth Soot Bag

  • Small - 32cm in Diameter x 22cm in Height/Depth

    Medium - 36cm in Diameter x 26cm in Height/Depth

    Large - 36cm in Diameter x 32cm in Height/Depth


    SootDevil HEPA Vacuum Fitments 

    Small - RPV-10 / RPV-10X

    Medium - RPV-15T / RPV-15TX

    Large - RPV-25T / RPV-25TX / RPV-25TT